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CATT meets the needs of many businesses through its research, consulting, education and business outreach efforts. For a select group of companies, members of the Associates Program, CATT offers even more. For an annual fee, participants in the Associates Program receive preferential access to the University’s research, faculty, and students in areas relevant to the Associate’s technological interests. The CATT Associates Program was designed to serve companies that provide telecommunications and distributed information systems and services, as well as users of those systems and services, such as banks and financial services institutions.

  • Membership on the CATT Research Advisory Board, which helps set research priorities
  • Participation in the Annual Research Review
  • Access to research in progress
  • Active liaison with an assigned faculty member
  • In-depth research briefings at the Associate’s site
  • Preprints of research reports prior to publication
  • Courtesy days of faculty consulting services
  • Custom tailored faculty lectures at the Associate’s site
  • Preferential student recruitment opportunities
  • Tuition discounts on seminars and workshops
  • Free seats in CATT short courses.

Membership Benefits

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