What is CATT?

The Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications and Distributed Information Systems (CATT) promotes industry-university collaborative research and development. Our mission, guided by the mission of our funding agency, is to create economic impact through research, technology transfer, and faculty entrepreneurship. The CATT is sponsored by the New York State’s Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR).

Tandon School of Engineering, long-recognized as one of the best engineering schools in the country, the center draws on the expertise of over 50 researchers. Our team consists of leaders in the fields of electrical engineering and computer science. In addition to NYU Tandon School of Engineering faculty, the center also draws on the expertise of key researchers at Columbia University and New York University.

Associates Program

CATT meets the needs of many businesses through its research, consulting, education and business outreach efforts. For a select group of companies, members of the Associates Program, CATT offers even more. For an annual fee, participants in the Associates Program receive preferential access to the University’s research, faculty, and students in areas relevant to the Associate’sg technological interests. The CATT Associates Program was designed to serve companies that provide telecommunications and distributed information systems and services, as well as users of those systems and services, such as banks and financial services institutions.

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Since 1982, CATT has been improving existing technologies and anticipating future challenges, often developing innovative solutions before commercial implications are understood or recognized. The faculty at CATT are leading researchers in the fields of Wireless Networks, Cyber-Security, and Media/Network Applications.

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Formed in 1982, through a program initiated by the State of New York, CATT receives $1,000,000 in annual funding from New York State’s Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) with a similar amount of funding received annually from industry for research and education. NYSTAR’s mission is comprised of four key goals – benchmarks, these key goals are:

  1. Spur economic development in New York State through academic research.
  2. Substantially increase the amount of Federal research dollars New York and its researchers obtain.
  3. Coordinate and organize New York’s wide array of science and technology informational resources and provide our academic, business and research communities access to these resources.
  4. Develop and recommend policies to the Governor and Legislature that will allow the State to take greater advantage of the tremendous economic power of its inherent science, technology, and academic research assets.
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