Jack K. Wolf Lecture – Understanding Behaviors in Instrumented Cities

José M F Moura

Understanding Behaviors in Instrumented Cities: Challenges and Opportunities

José M F Moura
Philip L. and Marsha Dowd University Professor
Carnegie Mellon University
Jack K. Wolf Lecture
New York University
October 8, 2019
New York City, NY

Cities are increasingly instrumented and many of their activities progressively digitized. How and what can be done and can be gained from the datasets that are and will continue to be gathered. In this talk, we consider the challenges and opportunities to extract relevant behaviors from real time NYC webcam videos and offline pick-up and drop-off taxi records.

José M. F. Moura is the Philip L. and Marsha Dowd University Professor at CMU. His areas of expertise are signal and image processing, graph signal processing, data science, and learning. Two of his patents (co-inventor Alek Kavcic) are used in over three billion hard disk drives in 60% of all computers sold in the last 13 years, and they were the subject of a $750million settlement between CMU and a chip semiconductor company. He serves as IEEE President and CEO and is a member of the US NAE.