Research Overview

Since 1982, CATT has been improving existing technologies and anticipating future challenges, often developing innovative solutions before commercial implications are understood or recognized.  For example, our work in Internet telephony is leading the way in the most advanced technologies applied to business today.  CATT’s pioneering work on wireless signal strength prediction has been used to design cellular phone networks all over the world.

Companies that partner with CATT in joint research gain access to state-of-the-art facilities and a team of experts who understand how to turn technological breakthroughs into commercially viable products and services.

CATT's research program provides a focus that supports all of its activities - education, consulting and business outreach. Designed with the help of CATT's Industry Associates, the research program focuses on these key areas that are crucial to the needs of businesses today: Wireless NetworksCyber-Security, and Media/Network Applications.

For additional information, you can either view our CATT Overview presentation, or download it here (Download).