CATT Team Wins ICC 2016 Best Paper Award


Sanjay Goyal, a PhD student, along with Prof. Shivendra Panwar at NYU Tandon School of Engineering, in joint work with Carlo Galiotto and Nicola Marchetti of CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin have won the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) 2016 Best Paper Award. IEEE ICC is the annual flagship conference of the IEEE Communications Society, focusing on the latest developments in telecommunications from a technical perspective.

The award wining paper, titled “Throughput and Coverage for a Mixed Full and Half Duplex Small Cell Network”, presents the throughput and coverage trade-offs for a multiple small cell network with full duplex capability, and shows the potential gains of mixing full and half duplex operations in a small cell network.

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IEEE Spectrum: Finding the Perfect Blend of Full and Half Duplex for Future Cell Phone Networks