Center for Cybersecurity

The Center for Cybersecurity(CCS) is a collaboration that includes NYU Tandon School of Engineering, NYU Wagner, the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the Steinhardt School, NYU Law, and NYU Stern.


Maintaining an orderly, peaceful, safe, and productive society will increasingly depend on maintaining trust in information systems. However, trust cannot be realized by technology alone. The notion of trust extends far beyond the narrow technical realms of information security. Engineering trustworthy systems requires an understanding of human psychology. It requires effective public policies and laws and must work within those policies and laws. It requires the right business models and incentives. And often, one needs all of these elements working in harmony. But the reality we witness today is different. Engineers work primarily with technical specifications to build information systems, and their success is often measured by purely technical metrics. This approach, by itself, does not address the broader issues that contribute to trust. To build a successful technology-enabled society, the entire cyber security paradigm must be re-examined and integrated with broader issues.

CRISSP combines security technology strengths with experts in psychology, law, public policy, and business from NYU. The goal of this center is to build new approaches to security and privacy that recognize that technology alone cannot provide the information security and privacy needed in today’s interconnected world. The center is founded by Anindya Ghose (NYU Stern), Ramesh Karri (NYU Tandon School of Engineering), Nasir Memon (NYU Tandon School of Enginering), Helen Nissenbaum (NYU Steinhardt), and Rae Zimmerman (NYU Wagner).

The CRISSP center offers a series of different scholarships for students interested in participating in projects on Cyber Security where the most relevant aspect is the interdisciplinary approach.

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