2014 CATT Annual Research Review


​December 11, 2014

Place: 5 MetroTech Center, LC400

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10:00 A​M


10:15 AM


Shivendra Panwar, CATT Director

10:30 AM

"5G Cellular Systems: An Industry/Government/University Project", Shivendra Panwar

11:00 AM

"Internet and Mobile Connectivity Enable Improved Data for Public Health", Rumi Chunara

11:30 AM

"Cyber-Security from the Ground Up: Vulnerabilities in the Semiconductor Supply Chain and What to Do About Them", Siddharth Garg

12:00 PM

Student One Minute Poster presentations

12:30 PM

Lunch, Poster Session and Lab Demos (Auditorium Foyer)

02:00 PM

CATT Overview: Shivendra Panwar

02:20 PM

"A Distributed Content Based Cache: Design and Challenges", Vishal Mishra, Columbia University

02:50 PM

"Discussion Panel on Technology in Media"

Chair: Justin Hendrix, Executive Director, NYC Media Lab

Panelist: Tom Constabile, Verizon Ventures

                 Dirk Van Dall, Major League Baseball Advanced Media

            Winson Wong, Innovation & Partnerships Lead, SingTel Group                   

03:45 PM

CATT Advisory Board Meeting ~ 1:30hr

(Executive Conference Room, 9th floor)

04:15 PM

New CATT Lab Facility Tour at 2 MetroTech 9th floor

~5:45 PM

Advisory Board & CATT Area Directors' Dinner




Dear CATT Friends,

This year's CATT Annual Research Review will be held on Thursday, December 11, 2014. This year we will feature presentations, of CATT's research efforts, from our three main research thrust areas - Wireless, Media/Networking, and Cyber Security.

More information, such as a draft agenda will be available within the coming weeks.

We look forward to hosting you and your colleagues at this year's event.


The Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications