18th GENI Engineering Conference



Dear CATT Friends,

Professor Thanasis Korakis of the ECE Department and the Center for Advanced Technologies in Telecommunications (CATT) at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University will host the Eighteenth GENI Engineering Conference (GEC18) from Sunday October 27 through Tuesday October 29.  The conference will bring together users, developers and operators of GENI, a virtual laboratory for networking and distributed systems research and education.  GENI is well suited for exploring networks at scale, thereby promoting innovations in network science, security, services and applications.   Over a thousand people, including Prof. Korakis, are using GENI for their research and in their classroom.  GENI provides experimenters with compute and networking resources distributed across the country.  These resources can be connected in experimenter specified topologies and be programmed to run experimental protocols that may or may not be based on the Internet suite of protocols.  GENI resources at NYU Poly include a WiMAX base station for experiments with wireless devices.  For more information see http://groups.geni.net/geni/wiki.

The conference will include:

   Hands-on tutorials on running experiments on GENI.  These range from entry-level tutorials that cover basic experimentation and instrumentation with GENI to more advanced tutorials such as programming networks using OpenFlow.
   Sessions for campus network operators on deploying and operating GENI resources.
   Sessions for GENI developers who are designing and implementing new GENI features, tools and services.
   One-on-one help sessions for experimenters, educators and campus network operators.
   A Demonstrations and Posters session the evening of October 27 that will feature GENI experiments, tools and services, and projects related to or complementary to GENI.

The GENI project is funded by the US National Science Foundation and the GENI conference is open to all.  The conference agenda and a link to the conference registration page is at http://groups.geni.net/geni/wiki/GEC18Agenda.

GEC 18 - Agenda