Research Achievements

Network Design Software

A software package, MENTOR for the design of broadband networks, was developed at CATT and was used by IBM for its internal network design and consulting services.

Network Forensics

Faculty and students developed network ‘infection detection’ systems at CATT thanks to NSF and NYSTAR seed funding. Infection detection seeks to identify a compromise quickly by monitoring key symptoms that can raise potential flags. A CATT start-up, Vivic Networks, successfully commercialized these technologies to allow for the quick detection of compromised systems. 

Packet-Switched Network Design Tool

In Cooperation with Distinct Management Consultants of Columbia, MD., and Telenet Communications (now Sprint International), CATT developed the Network Evaluation and Design System (NEDS), a state-of-the-art packet-switched network design tool. This is an interactive PC tool, which was used to design and optimize a packet-switched network and was also used for developing proposals and designing private networks for clients.

Real Time Systems

For NASDAQ, CATT performed validation and verification on the first nationwide, real time, financial trading system.

Smart Antennas

Developed ranging and localization techniques and propose smart antenna structures for WLAN and RFID for Symbol Technology.

Traffic Planning and Capacity Engineering

Working with the research and development division of NYNEX Science and Technology, CATT developed a prototype, the Data Network Management and Optimization Tool (DATANMOT) which can be used by NYNEX for its traffic planning. The prototype includes a generic model for the simulation and analysis of different network services and architectures. It can be used for traffic planning for frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) based services.