Research Achievements

Cellular System Planning Tools

Developed ray-propagation and cell-planning tools for T-Mobile.

Digital Forensics

In a project, funded by CATT and NSF, faculty and students developed three digital image forensic technologies - smart carving, smart filtering, and guided carving. These technologies were successfully commercialized by Digital Assembly, a CATT start-up company. 

Electromagnetic Interference Issues

Developed analytical models and propose cost effective solutions for electromagnetic interference and electromagnetic compatability (EMI/EMC) and ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) sensors for expanded US Navy E2-C Advanced Hawkeye and EA-6B Prowler missions for Northrop Grumman.

Multipath Propagation

Developed space-time-frequency technique to mitigate time-varying multipath propagation effects and HFT transmissions and cellular communications for Fujitsu.

Network Forensics

Faculty and students developed network ‘infection detection’ systems at CATT thanks to NSF and NYSTAR seed funding. Infection detection seeks to identify a compromise quickly by monitoring key symptoms that can raise potential flags. A CATT start-up, Vivic Networks, successfully commercialized these technologies to allow for the quick detection of compromised systems. 

Smart Antennas

Developed ranging and localization techniques and propose smart antenna structures for WLAN and RFID for Symbol Technology.