Research Achievements


Through collaboration with Bellcore, the research organization funded by NYNEX and other regional Bell Operating Companies, CATT devised methods for traffic management on ATM networks. The demonstration of the feasibility of sophisticated traffic management schemes associated with CATT research has had a significant impact on the development of ATM standards.

Broadband ISDN

Through its work with Bellcore, CATT developed connection establishment procedures for multimedia, multiparty data transfer applicable to Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) signaling systems.

Document Imaging

In a project funded by KeySpan Corporation (formerly Brooklyn Union, now National Grid), CATT has developed novel techniques for the analysis and lossy compression of KeySpan's engineering drawings. This helped the modernization of the KeySpan Engineering Mapping System, and contributed to the decline in KeySpan's gas and electricity distribution rates by approximately 20% over the past five years. In another project funded by the FSTC (Financial Services Technology Consortium), CATT has worked with banks and other financial institutions to study the feasibility of using imaging techniques in the inter-bank check clearing process.

Medical Imaging

In a project funded by AFP Imaging Corporation, CATT has developed novel wavelet-based algorithms for the reduction of signal-dependent noise in digital dental x-ray images. The new software has been incorporated in AFP's new generation of filmless digital dental x-ray imaging devices.

Traffic Planning and Capacity Engineering

Working with the research and development division of NYNEX Science and Technology, CATT developed a prototype, the Data Network Management and Optimization Tool (DATANMOT) which can be used by NYNEX for its traffic planning. The prototype includes a generic model for the simulation and analysis of different network services and architectures. It can be used for traffic planning for frame relay and asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) based services.

Wireless Signal Propagation

Models for wireless signal propagation developed at the CATT, with support from Motorola, Inc. and Symbol Technologies, Inc., are being used in the latest computer programs for the layout of U.S. and European cellular phone systems.