Research Achievements

Advanced Network Management

For IBM the DCC developed NETMATE, a comprehensive system for the management of complex networks. NETMATE is being used in numerous commercial and development organizations to manage networks and develop network components such as bridges, routers and gateways. The NETMATE project was competitively selected by IBM as one of five projects nationwide to be funded under its Complex Systems Research Initiative.

Network Bridging

Because LANs are now so ubiquitous, the ability to bridge them is critical. CATT has conducted extensive research on LAN bridges in cooperation with the Securities Industry Automation Corp. (SIAC), the technology operations center for the New York and American Stock Exchanges. This research enabled SIAC to validate the technically challenging design of the trading floor networks for the exchanges.

Network Design Software

A software package, MENTOR for the design of broadband networks, was developed at CATT and was used by IBM for its internal network design and consulting services.

Packet-Switched Network Design Tool

In Cooperation with Distinct Management Consultants of Columbia, MD., and Telenet Communications (now Sprint International), CATT developed the Network Evaluation and Design System (NEDS), a state-of-the-art packet-switched network design tool. This is an interactive PC tool, which was used to design and optimize a packet-switched network and was also used for developing proposals and designing private networks for clients.

Real Time Systems

For NASDAQ, CATT performed validation and verification on the first nationwide, real time, financial trading system.

UNIX Network Design Workbench

CATT developed a prototype of a UNIX-based Network Design Workbench. This prototype includes a number of fundamental network design algorithms. As part of this project, CATT created a graphical user interface (GUI) for accessing these algorithms using the X-window interface and Motif.