The Wireless Internet Center for Advanced Technology (WICAT), was established using a seed grant from NY State, under NYSTAR's E-CAT program. WICAT was established as an E-CAT under the leadership of Prof. Phyllis Frankl and grew to become what it is today, a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC), with NYU Tandon School of Engineerig as the lead insitution and 4 additional university sites; University of Virginia, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University,  Auburn University, and The University of Texas at Austin.

Prof. David Goodman, now Presidential Fellow and Professor Emeritus in NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, saw the convergence of wireless and the Internet, and was the founding director of WICAT as an I/UCRC. The center drew together universities with differing expertise into a loose affiliation that encourages collaboration and gives industry affiliates access to research across multiple universities. Today, WICAT has gained a position as a leading wireless research center and is headed by Prof. Theodore (Ted) Rappaport, a leader in wireless. 

For more information on the center's current activities, please go to http://catt.poly.edu/partners/wicat