Cyber-Security Initiative

One FBI estimates puts the cost of cyber-crime in 2004 at about $400 billion. Even more significant, however, is that if on-line criminal activities continue to grow unchecked, confidence in the safety and reliability of the Internet will erode, leading to a reversal of the growth of e-commerce that we have seen in the last decade. 

In 2006, CATT received funding from the office of New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) to embark on a mission to create an internationally recognized center that will serve as an engine for innovation and enterprise for the creation and commercialization of technologies for cyber-crime prevention, detection and attribution. NYU Tandon School of Engineering already has a very strong program in cyber-security and is ideally positioned to leverage its resources in this area to develop a center of international stature. 

For more information on our current security initiatives, please see: